I believe that if you can "Dream the Impossible; Believe in the Impossible; Anything is possible!"

Jeff Heiser

Nationally known radio talk show host, motivational speaker and business leader.


Jeff Heiser is the founder of Talk Network Radio, an on-line global radio network owned and operated by Media Fish Productions LLC.


Jeff, is an accomplished business motivator, leader and communicator with over 38 years of diverse business and entrepreneurial experience.  He has played significant roles in six successful business startups.  In a recent business, he was one of the key players in building over a billion dollar backlog of new business.  He has sat across the negotiation table from foreign ministers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and the CEOs of major airlines and software companies such as jetBlue, United, Microsoft and Google.


His diverse background enables him to help others achieve success by helping them overcome their internal obstacles and imaginary boundaries.  Jeff has coached business leaders, military personnel, young adults and aspiring athletes enabling them to take their game to the next level.  He is an expert in helping businesses and individuals overcome the FEARS of SUCCESS enabling them to go from surviving to thriving.


As a speaker and expert in achieving a successful life, Jeff has addressed audiences across the United States.  His audiences have included Admirals, Generals, University Presidents, and top business leaders which has provided him the unique perspective needed to create his Success An Intentional Lifestyle program; a program that is designed to enable individuals to reach their goals and achieve their full potential for success.




Motivator | Leader | Communicator

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